How to clean a range hood filter

Are your range hood filters looking a little worse for wear? Leaving them unchecked could be causing you more headaches than you realize. Not only can dirty range hood filters create unhealthy smells and smoke in your kitchen, they can also impede airflow. This can lead to poor performance of the appliance – and leave … Read more

Tips to remove kitchen odors

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How to Connect Samsung Range Hood Bluetooth

Samsung range hoods offer Bluetooth audio streaming that opens up a world of convenient cooking features. Not only can you listen to your favorite tunes while creating culinary masterpieces, but you can also easily connect with family and friends via the built-in speaker system. But before all this fun can begin, you’ll need to know … Read more

How Does a Range Hood Work

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How To Clean a Grease Trap?

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How Much CFM Do I Need For Range Hood?

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